Changelog for Falcon 1.4.0

Breaking Changes

Changes to Supported Platforms

  • Python 3 is now supported on PyPy as of PyPy3.5 v5.10.

  • Support for CPython 3.3 is now deprecated and will be removed in Falcon 2.0.

  • As with the previous release, Python 2.6 and Jython 2.7 remain deprecated and will no longer be supported in Falcon 2.0.

New & Improved

  • We added a new method, add_static_route(), that makes it easy to serve files from a local directory. This feature provides an alternative to serving files from the web server when you don’t have that option, when authorization is required, or for testing purposes.

  • Arguments can now be passed to hooks (see Hooks).

  • The default JSON media type handler will now use ujson, if available, to speed up JSON (de)serialization under CPython.

  • Semantic validation via the format keyword is now enabled for the validate() JSON Schema decorator.

  • We added a new helper, get_param_as_uuid(), to the Request class.

  • Falcon now supports WebDAV methods (RFC 3253), such as UPDATE and REPORT.

  • We added a new property, downloadable_as, to the Response class for setting the Content-Disposition header.

  • create_http_method_map() has been refactored into two new methods, map_http_methods() and set_default_responders(), so that custom routers can better pick and choose the functionality they need. The original method is still available for backwards-compatibility, but will be removed in a future release.

  • We added a new json param to simulate_request() et al. to automatically serialize the request body from a JSON serializable object or type (for a complete list of serializable types, see json.JSONEncoder).

  • TestClient’s simulate_*() methods now call simulate_request() to make it easier for subclasses to override TestClient’s behavior.

  • TestClient can now be configured with a default set of headers to send with every request.

  • The FAQ has been reorganized and greatly expanded.

  • We restyled the docs to match


  • Forwarded headers containing quoted strings with commas were not being parsed correctly. This has been fixed, and the parser generally made more robust.

  • JSONHandler was raising an error under Python 2.x when serializing strings containing Unicode code points. This issue has been fixed.

  • Overriding a resource class and calling its responders via super() did not work when passing URI template params as positional arguments. This has now been fixed.

  • Python 3.6 was generating warnings for strings containing '\s' within Falcon. These strings have been converted to raw strings to mitigate the warning.

  • Several syntax errors were found and fixed in the code examples used in the docs.

Contributors to this Release

Many thanks to all of our talented and stylish contributors for this release!

  • GriffGeorge

  • hynek

  • kgriffs

  • rhemz

  • santeyio

  • timc13

  • tyronegroves

  • vytas7

  • zhanghanyun