Changelog for Falcon 3.1.1


This is a minor point release addressing a couple of high impact bugs, and enabling the framework on the recently released CPython 3.11.

Changes to Supported Platforms

  • Falcon is now functional on CPython 3.11. Full 3.11 support (including taking care of stdlib deprecations) will be formalized in Falcon 4.0.

  • As with the previous release, Python 3.5 & 3.6 remain deprecated and will no longer be supported in Falcon 4.0.


  • Request attributes forwarded_scheme and forwarded_host now no longer raise an IndexError while processing an invalid or empty Forwarded header. (#2043)

  • The orjson library now works correctly when used as JSON serializer in the media handlers in the ASGI version of Falcon. (#2100)

Contributors to this Release

Many thanks to those who contributed to this bugfix release: