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from __future__ import absolute_import

from falcon import errors
from import BaseHandler

[docs]class MessagePackHandler(BaseHandler): """Handler built using the :py:mod:`msgpack` module. This handler uses ``msgpack.unpackb()`` and ``msgpack.packb()``. The MessagePack ``bin`` type is used to distinguish between Unicode strings (``str`` on Python 3, ``unicode`` on Python 2) and byte strings (``bytes`` on Python 2/3, or ``str`` on Python 2). Note: This handler requires the extra ``msgpack`` package (version 0.5.2 or higher), which must be installed in addition to ``falcon`` from PyPI: .. code:: $ pip install msgpack """ def __init__(self): import msgpack self.msgpack = msgpack self.packer = msgpack.Packer( autoreset=True, use_bin_type=True, )
[docs] def deserialize(self, stream, content_type, content_length): try: # NOTE(jmvrbanac): Using unpackb since we would need to manage # a buffer for Unpacker() which wouldn't gain us much. return self.msgpack.unpackb(, raw=False) except ValueError as err: raise errors.HTTPBadRequest( 'Invalid MessagePack', 'Could not parse MessagePack body - {0}'.format(err) )
[docs] def serialize(self, media, content_type): return self.packer.pack(media)