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from falcon import errors
from import JSONHandler
from falcon.util.compat import UserDict
from falcon.vendor import mimeparse

[docs]class Handlers(UserDict): """A dictionary like object that manages internet media type handlers.""" def __init__(self, initial=None): handlers = initial or { 'application/json': JSONHandler(), 'application/json; charset=UTF-8': JSONHandler(), } # NOTE(jmvrbanac): Directly calling UserDict as it's not inheritable. # Also, this results in self.update(...) being called. UserDict.__init__(self, handlers) def _resolve_media_type(self, media_type, all_media_types): resolved = None try: # NOTE(jmvrbanac): Mimeparse will return an empty string if it can # parse the media type, but cannot find a suitable type. resolved = mimeparse.best_match( all_media_types, media_type ) except ValueError: pass return resolved def find_by_media_type(self, media_type, default): # PERF(jmvrbanac): Check via a quick methods first for performance if media_type == '*/*' or not media_type: return[default] try: return[media_type] except KeyError: pass # PERF(jmvrbanac): Fallback to the slower method resolved = self._resolve_media_type(media_type, if not resolved: raise errors.HTTPUnsupportedMediaType( '{0} is an unsupported media type.'.format(media_type) ) return[resolved]