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from __future__ import absolute_import

import falcon

    import jsonschema
except ImportError:

[docs]def validate(schema): """Decorator for validating ```` using JSON Schema. This decorator provides standard JSON Schema validation via the ``jsonschema`` package available from PyPI. Semantic validation via the *format* keyword is enabled for the default checkers implemented by ``jsonschema.FormatChecker``. Note: The `jsonschema`` package must be installed separately in order to use this decorator, as Falcon does not install it by default. Args: schema (dict): A dictionary that follows the JSON Schema specification. See ` <>`_ for more information on defining a compatible dictionary. Example: .. code:: python from import jsonschema # -- snip -- @jsonschema.validate(my_post_schema) def on_post(self, req, resp): # -- snip -- """ def decorator(func): def wrapper(self, req, resp, *args, **kwargs): try: jsonschema.validate(, schema, format_checker=jsonschema.FormatChecker()) except jsonschema.ValidationError as e: raise falcon.HTTPBadRequest( 'Failed data validation', description=e.message ) return func(self, req, resp, *args, **kwargs) return wrapper return decorator